2. Troubleshooting (what to do when you don’t know what to do)

At times you may find that the information requested by this cataloguing process document is not available, or that the information you have does not easily fit into the scheme and rules of the SpokenWeb guidelines. Sometimes you will discover questions that the Guidelines document does not answer. Therefore, you should document any questions, decisions or variables that are not addressed by the Guidelines, or that are contrary to them. These documented questions and issues and other relevant points of information pertaining to the cataloguing process should be provided to your supervisor. If your supervisor does not have the answer to your questions directly, s/he will then consult with the SpokenWeb Metadata Controller for advice on how to proceed. Your documented questions and feedback will be integrated into our analysis of the process throughout the cataloguing activities so that we can continue to improve upon our scheme and clarify our description of the cataloguing process.